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Maritime Security

Bhagyodya Maritime Security offers its clients a full range of maritime security and anti-piracy services for a safe and secure voyage of vessels transiting the High Risk Areas (HRA) of the the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea.

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More than five decades in industry gives us the power to perform every day and every time.

In the unpredictable world of shipping and maritime operations, our clients need an expert and trusted security service. Bhagyodya Maritime Security to the unique needs of our diverse client base. From our personnel to our operating procedures and equipment, with Bhagyodya Maritime Security you are in the safest possible hands. We offer cost effective maritime security services across a wide spectrum of the maritime industry including commercial shipping and private yachts

Bhagyodya Maritime Security is a cutting edge provider of bespoke maritime security services conducted exclusively by highly experienced, fully qualified, former military/law enforcement Special Forces personnel. We offer cost effective security solutions across a wide spectrum of the maritime industry including commercial shipping, oil and gas exploration and private yachts. Our services are specifically tailored to client requirements, adhering to current legislation, International Law and industry’s Best Management Practices.


Trusted Security Solutions

Bhagyodya Maritime Security is able to provide a maritime security service that not only ensures your safety but also Integrates as hand In glove with crew and operations. Keep in mind that we put into practice a very discreet code of conduct in order to ensure you are not exposing yourself into thrifty risk simply by choosing our services.


How We Secure Events

Bhagyodya Maritime Security Security provides innovative and robust maritime risk management strategies, yacht security, solutions, and anti-piracy services. By employing only highly skilled and experienced maritime security specialists, we provide luxury super yacht owners and international shipping corporations with a comprehensive range of custom-tailored security services to help safeguard their valuable assets.

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Anti-Piracy Services

  • Best Management Practice (BMP4)
  • Counter piracy advice
  • Counter piracy audits
  • Crew and management training
  • ISPS services
  • On board security teams
  • Vessel hardening
  • Voyage planning

Service FAQ’s

What is the difference between vessel protection team and maritime security team?

The service is the same, only a different name is given by the private maritime security companies to their maritime security services. most company use the team Maritime Security Teams.

What is PMSSC mean?

PMSC mean: Private Maritime Security Company.

What maritime security services provide by Bhagyodya Consultants and Agrotech Private Limited ?

Maritime Security Team
Close protection Officer
Maritime Security Awareness Training

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